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Ever wondered how healthy you really are? Want some help to find the right workout and healthy meal choices to improve your energy levels and reach your goals??

CNF is offering you a FREE wellness profile. The 30 minute overview will give you the chance to get a fully personalized plan to find out how you stack up now and what to do to improve your fitness, creating a healthier you. Find out your weight, hydration levels, muscle mass, body fat, metabolic rate, metabolic age, bone density and physique rating with a full body composition check. Then sit down and discuss your current daily diet, energy levels, lifestyle and activity with one of our friendly coaches to look at where improvements can be made.A fantastic chance to receive a FREE personalized review to find out how healthy you really are and what you could do to get on track to making even healthier choices.

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Community Weight Loss Challenge

Our Community Weight Loss Challenge at Cascade Nutrition and Fitness is designed to help like-minded people who want to lose weight and improve their health. We work together as a group with a friendly competition where the top 3 winners receive prizes from the entry registration fees. It is not just about weight. We use the total body composition to determine the best health results. Once a week, the members meet up for a 25 minute exercise session followed by a 30 minute health talk to learn more about what to eat and how to achieve their goals. At the end of the 8 weeks, we will have a party to celebrate the results and announce the winners. It is a friendly and effective way for anyone who likes to be held accountable. It is fun and it works. Every 8 weeks, a new session starts and all are welcome. Everyone who has participated before has joined again and brought friends and family.

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Personal Trainer

We offer both one-on-one training and group or class training. Please contact us so we can find the right fit for you.

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Health Coach

I am a certified Health Coach. We offer a thorough, personalized evaluation of your current condition and your health and fitness goals. We then craft a personalized 90 day program for you that includes both nutrition and fitness. Our goal is a sustainable diet and fitness approach--not a overly severe diet or workout program that you burn out on. We want you to have a healthy active lifestyle for the rest of your life! We can provide this service both in person or remotely.

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Career Opportunity

We are looking for anyone who is passionate about health and nutrition, and who wants to help people. We have a career opportunity to offer you. Please contact us for a private interview.